Pattern Release Energetics

          Client Testimonials

"As a healthcare colleague I am fascinated by James' open mind and unceasing exploration of deep healing on behalf of his patients. As a distance healing client I have felt relief of physical symptoms as well as freeing up of deeper emotional patterns held in those painful areas of my body. I continue this exploration with excitement and enthusiasm."
--Nanette Niski, LAc, Portland, OR


"After some dental surgery I received while visiting California, I lost some hearing in my left ear. The oral surgeon was perplexed and told me that if the problem continued, to go to the emergency room. I contacted James, who worked with me remotely, gently shifting my cranial bones back into place. Immediately, my hearing returned to normal. I'm very grateful to have received such quick and effective help, and I highly recommend James for his distance work."
--Ellen Lapenna, Albuquerque, NM


"Dr. Rolwing helped me during my pregnancy and postpartum recovery when no other treatment modality could come close to helping me. During my pregnancy my pain level was so severe I could hardly walk. After his distance healing treatment I was pain-free and able to climb the 800 stairs that helped me go into labor and have a 100% natural childbirth. I consistently notice tangible results with Dr. Rolwing's distance work in Pattern Release technique."
--Vanessa Grandy, Pasadena, CA


"Since we no longer live in the same area, I continue to work with James remotely through his pattern release techniques. Through his healing

techniques, I experience extremely positive results from each treatment, of both physical and emotional symptoms. My awareness and well-being continue to improve through his remarkable guidance and kindness

and I strongly recommend working with him."
--Corey Dzenko, Greensboro, NC


"James' technique was very helpful to me. It is able to diagnose complex issues in mind, spirit, and body in a quick and non-intrusive manner and reveal multi-dimensional connections among symptoms. I am aware of no other technique that does this so rapidly, unintrusively, and at such a deep level. The treatment, based on this diagnostic ability, is similarly quick, non-intrusive, and deep."
--Florian Birkmayer, MD, psychiatrist, Albuquerque,


"I've found Pattern Release method to be significantly helpful for me during a time of major transition in my career and personal life. I have had chronic stomach problems all of my adult life. Through my work with James, I have found the connection between the physical pain and emotional experiences. Because of that I have finally been able to alleviate the symptoms by understanding them as a pattern that my mind and body have been

practicing for years."
--Hilary Ellenshaw, East Palo Alto, CA


Pattern Release Energetics for Pets


"My dog Sadie is a 13-year-old black setter with an old injury, so her right hind leg troubles her and doesn't always work right. The right hind leg has

lost a lot of muscle in the past year. Since your treatment, I've noticed two distinct changes in Sadie. One is that she has put weight on! She was

getting ribby, but now her flanks are filling out again and she looks much better. Secondly, she has started playing and wrestling with the youngest dog again. She had quit doing that entirely for several mohths, which he didn't adjust to very well. It's great to see her dancing around the living room with him. Thanks VERY much."
--Glynis Hart, Editor, Pet Corner, Ithaca Times