Pattern Release Energetics


"Activate Your Inner Physician" click here
This e-book explores the profound influence of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions on our overall health. Recognizing this relationship is critical in order to heal to any significant depth. Practical tools are presented in these pages for regaining this innate skill. The intention is to present an alternate version to our standard concept of health and make the case that there is actually no such thing as health, only life.

"Multiple Orgasms for Men Made Simple" click here


This e-book takes some of the yogic practices of ejaculation control and full-body orgasms and puts them in a simple, easy-to-follow format for the average guy. When you finish this manual you'll have a daily 15-minute practice that will lead you to the experience of full-body orgasms in an average of 4-5 weeks.



Coming soon! The e-book, "The Art of Getting Out of the Way," a manual for health care practitioners who want to incorporate energy work into their practice.