Pattern Release Energetics

Paranormal Services

For both paranormal investigators and their clients,

- I assess and treat health problems related to paranormal activity, such as chronic pain, headaches, organ dysfunction, unexplained mood swings, nightmares, obsessive thoughts, or any other health issues that doctors are unable to diagnose and do not show up on blood tests or imaging studies. The effects of paranormal influences on our physical and mental health are poorly understood because standard medicine isn’t equipped to diagnose and treat their complex and multifaceted nature.

For paranormal clients,

- I can identify whether the client or his/her family is attracting the paranormal activity. If so, I can treat and advise him/her on the emotional and psychological issues that are acting as a magnet for the unwanted activity.

- If there is an undesirable spirit presence that is involved I can facilitate its departure, provided it is willing to leave. In my experience, convincing a spirit to move on is often (but certainly not always!) a relatively simple matter of respectfully meeting its wish to be acknowledged. In effect, it’s the same thing that living people desire the most in their lives.

- If the activity is also associated with geography, the history of the area, or other elements independent of the people involved, I can evaluate and resolve those issues when possible.

For investigators,

- I can teach you how to stay grounded during investigations, which is a critical skill for an investigator. If you do not remain grounded in an environment full of spirit activity, you can easily invite an undesired presence into your unprotected energy field, which can lead to the aforementioned physical and mental health issues.

- I recommend periodic check-ups for investigators to ensure that you remain free of psychic toxicity. As with standard health, the basis for a paranormal-related disease process or other dysfunction can be detected and resolved before it ever shows any symptoms. It is far better to have a preventive strategy for early deterction rather than waiting for a full-blown illness to manifest.

If I find after completing an evaluation that I’m not allowed to intervene for whatever reason, I’ll describe as best I can the reasons for this and suggest other options.

As the technology for demonstrating spirit activity improves, it will be easy to lose sight of the human element in paranormal work, but the scientific aspect is only part of the picture. The contribution of human emotions, thoughts, and desires cannot be overlooked if there is to be as complete a healing as possible in any given paranormal situation.

My fee is $75 per consultation.