Pattern Release Energetics


How long does a session last?
Sessions generally last about one hour. If I feel beforehand that a phone session may go longer
than that, then I'll do enough preparation in advance to keep it to one hour.


How many sessions will I need?
For most people, 1-3 sessions is usually sufficient to reach a resolution or a place where they
feel comforable working with the session material on their own. Clients are highly encouraged to do work on their own with tools that I provide.


How much do sessions cost?
The initial session is $75, and follow-up sessions are on a sliding scale of $55-$75 per
session, whatever someone feels they can afford at the time.


What kinds of results can I expect?
The following are common experiences with PRE: Relief from physical pain and discomfort; Normalization of bodily system functions (digestive, circulatory, hormonal, etc.); Clarification of connections between chronic physical issues and their emotonial and
psychological sources; Increase in vitality; Decrease in anxiety, depression.


Do I need to do anything particular to prepare for a session?
You only need to complete a brief questionnaire beforehand. Other than that just try and stay as
open and grounded as possible during the session, whether you're on the phone with me or doing other activities.


Will it interfere with the effects of PRE if I'm on medication?
This will vary from person to person, but I'll be able to tell you from the outset if it'll be a
problem. Remember, prescription medication is a suppressive agent and is intended to turn off the signals of the body that we call symptoms. PRE is an expressive approach, which means it uses symptoms as clues to follow to their deeper sources, similar to the philosphy of homeopathy. Sometimes if a person combines suppressive and expressive therapies, it can be very confusing to their system and generally counter-productive.


Will it interfere with other therapies that I'm doing?
Ideally, I ask people to refrain from pursuing other therapies when doing a series of PRE
sessions, but I know this is not always possible. As with prescription medication, I'll usually have a good idea beforehand if PRE will be working at cross-purposes with any other therapies that you're undergoing.


How do I schedule an appointment?
Send me an email at, or call me at 808-990-6491 if you don't have email (I'm in Hawaii, which is either 6 or 5 hours behind EST, depending on the daylight savings cycle).


What is the format of a session?
During the session I scan the client's energy field to find places of restriction, then I use
surrogates such as plastic bones, anatomy illustrations, my own body, and lists of terms to correlate these “stuck” areas to their anatomical structures, emotional labels, and psychological states. I describe these patterns to the client as they're surfacing. Based on this information a list of patterns presents itself in a particular sequence to be released.


How does PRE work and how do I know if it will work for me?
My impression is that ALL healing is SELF-healing, and anyone who is identified as a healer or
practitioner is simply someone who is skilled at reflectng back to people their ability to heal themselves. Personally, I feel that my role in a PRE session is to facilitate an honest
conversation between the client and his or her deeper self. The only instance in which someone would have absolutely no response to PRE is if someone else has coerced them into a treatment or they have a rigid belief that nothing can help them.


Will my symptoms return?
An expressive approach to healing is not about getting rid of anything. Physical and psycho-
emotional symptoms arise in the first place from our refusal to acknowledge their deeper implications. With PRE, symptoms subside not because they've been eradicated, but rather because the underlying root concerns that they were pointing toward have been exposed and unraveled. All of us revisit certain physical and emotional patterns throughout our lives because they're tied to the core identities we established in childhood.


How is PRE different from psychotherapy?
There is some verbal back and forth that occurs in a session, but the most critical information
emerges from the client's energy field and not from the story of his or her life. Another way to put it is that a PRE session speaks directly with the unconscious. Also, the client 's physical symptoms are an active part of the exploration.